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Home Blog Celebrating the year of the Rabbit at Beehive!

Celebrating the year of the Rabbit at Beehive!

blog, featured | 23 Jan 2023 |

As we settle into the year, many of our service users are preparing for the Lunar New Year.  Festivities to celebrate the year of the Water Rabbit will begin on Sunday 22 January and for the following 15 days. 

We have asked some of our Beehivers such as Su, Libby and Lee about what they are doing for this years’ festivities. 

“We eat chicken, fish and a lot of dumplings… the special (dish) is Chinese cake which is not very sweet.  Since this is a huge celebration, people enjoy and dance as well.  After 15 days of (the) new year, we eat dumplings called yuan xiao which has sweet fillings inside it.”
- Su

Beehivers ready to start work

“We clean the house and throw the old things from the house.  People buy new clothes for the celebration.  People decorate the house and sometimes put new paint in the house.  People usually celebrate several days after the 1st day, for example the 15th day (of lunar new year) is the last day (as well as) the Lantern Day.

This year, the new year came early.  The Chinese year this year is 4721.”
- Lee

Beehive is pleased to share this happy time with its Beehivers and will also be serving special lunar new year dishes and participating in some activities to spread the new year’s good fortune!

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