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Our Mission

We tackle isolation faced by Sydney Seniors, the long-term unemployed and people living with disability.

By fostering a sense of identity and self-worth, supporting physical and mental wellbeing, providing a sense of purpose and enabling our Beehivers to contribute to society.

We do this by:

  • Fostering a sense of identity and self-worth
  • Supporting physical and mental well-being
  • Providing a sense of purpose
  • Enabling our Beehivers to contribute to society

We believe...

Everyone has value to contribute
In empowering one another through education & cooperation
Meaningful progress takes time
Giving is a two-way street

Many members of our community experience feelings of loneliness. Seniors, the long-term unemployed and people living with disability are at a high risk of living in isolation from society.

People who live in isolation often wake up facing each day without a sense of purpose that can lead to depression, low self-esteem and a lack of self-worth.

There is no silver bullet solution tackling social isolation. Tackling this requires a long-term commitment from people who have reason to be distrusting of others, who face mental and physical challenges and have lost their drive and motivation.

We provide educational programs, recreational activities, work experience and a welcoming environment for Beehivers to come together, learn new skills and contribute to the work we do for our customers in providing packaging and assembly services.  

Our Social Impact

Brendan Lonergan, CEO


Brendan has extensive experience in business development in both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors.

For the last ten years Brendan has specialised in working in the disability sector, helping to provide employment opportunities for people living with a disability through organisations such as Packforce (a division of Cerebral Palsy Alliance) and Disability Services Australia.

Prior to that Brendan built a successful printing and garment manufacturing business enterprise from the ground up, with operations in Sydney and Melbourne. He sold his share of the business and moved to the NFP sector to help support persons with disability and others in need.

Brendan holds a M Bus degree from UTS and is currently completing a Master of Education degree.

Brendan looks forward to welcoming you to the Beehive.

Ann O'Mahony, Production Manager

Ann has been with Beehive Industries for over 15 years. Ann is responsible for the day to day running of the production floor ensuring that all jobs run on time to the required high quality and standard delivered by Beehive Industries.

Originally from Ireland, Ann's background is in the hospitality and packaging industry. Ann holds a Diploma in Counselling Skills and various other qualifications and is currently completing a Cert IV in Disability. She also has a very good sense of Irish humour which comes free to all.

Ann looks forward to helping you with your next mail-house, assembly or packaging job.


We value all our clients, partners and supporters who make the work we do possible -
we thank you all!
We're extremely pleased to have been supported by the City of Sydney since we were founded in 1971. They continue to provide support to Beehive Industries to this day.

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