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National Disability Insurance Scheme

Beehive Industries Co-Operative is a NDIS service provider;
Registration number: 97482863. Beehive Industries provides support for the following:

  1. Development of Life Skills
  2. Participate Community
  3. Group/Centre Activities
  4. Assist Access/Maintain Employment

Are you on the Disability Support Pension?

Beehive Industries supports persons with disability ages 25 and over. We offer a range of programs and support for persons with disability in an integrated social support setting. If you are on the DSP and are interested in hearing more about the support we offer, please contact us to arrange a tour - Phone 9331 4085 or e-mail ann@beehiveindustries.com.au.

Looking to Transition to Retirement from an ADE?

Beehive Industries has a unique service model and a range of programs suitable for persons on the Disability Support Pension looking to transition from the Australian Disability Enterprise sector. We provide an ADE-like experience with work activity over a shorter period, combined with leisure activities, support programs including cooking classes, a digital inclusion program, art activity, events, outings and free breakfast, morning tea and lunch each day. You will be welcomed into our fully integrated service setting. If you would like to arrange a tou and see what Beehive Industries has to offer, please give us a call on 9331 4085 or contact us to discuss becoming part of Beehive Industries today.


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