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Working together to provide food security in Sydney

blog, featured | 29 Feb 2024 |

Food aid has always been a crucial component of the support we provide for our Service Users, better known as the Beehivers. 

Our services include the provision of breakfast, morning tea and a hot lunch made in-house by our chef for our Beehivers.  Additionally, we also provide them once a week with a pack of groceries to help them with meals at home.

Beehive also works with several other food aid organisations and ministries to try and help combat food insecurity across Sydney.  One such organisation is the Erskineville Food Ministry (also known as Erko Food Ministry), with whom we have had a long-standing relationship for over 5 years. 

Every week, Beehive donates crates of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as any other available food items to be given out through their food services. 

We are honored and grateful to help share the load and expand our help to the community.

Thank you, Erko Food Ministry for your hard work!

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