The life-changing business of social procurement

What if changing suppliers meant changing a life?

We all want ‘good value’ from our business transactions. For a long time, that meant choosing suppliers based on financial factors such as cost, quality and service. But in recent years, the way we think about ‘value’ has begun to change. Large corporations, small businesses and government departments all around Australia have begun expanding their definition of ‘value’ to include environmental and social benefits. 

No longer is it enough to have a good bottom line. It’s now vital for all businesses, no matter how big or small, to consider the impact they are having on the world around them – to consider the difference they can make to vulnerable individuals in need. And to search for and select suppliers that can help them to deliver genuine social impact.

That’s where we come in.

Beehive Industries gives you the opportunity to facilitate support programs that offer isolated seniors, long term unemployed and people living with a disability improved mental health and well-being. These programs are life changing – just ask Urmil.

“Coming here, you’re busy, you’re socialising, and at the same time, you’re doing something. At the end of the day, you have the satisfaction that you achieved something.” 

You can help Urmil and many others just like her by engaging any of our services. 

Change suppliers, change a life.

Our Business Services

Centrally located in Darlinghurst, we have been serving Sydney’s business community for more than 40 years and we are proud of the reputation we have built for being customer-focused, cost-effective and consistent.

Our customers trust us to deliver a great service – all the while knowing the difference they are making through social procurement. Our range of flexible services include:

  • Commercial Printing & Mail House
  • Online Fulfilment & Distribution
  • Packaging & Assembly
  • Sample Packing & Distribution

Commercial Printing & Mail House

We offer full service, high quality digital print production, as well as return mail processing services.

We can produce and print a range of products – from small cards and envelopes through to brochures, newsletters and up to oversized A3.

Simply provide us with print ready files and we can manage your entire project – from printing, binding and finishing to packing and fulfilment.

Our ‘one stop shop’ approach streamlines the production process and reduces the risk of delays and damage that can occur when using multiple suppliers.

Online Fulfilment & Distribution

We can receive goods direct from your supplier’s warehouse, supply custom mailers, assemble and pack your goods, process address labels and arrange delivery direct to your customers. Many online retailers choose us to manage the storage, picking and processing of orders. We can also assist with advice regarding carriers and distribution to help you to minimise costs.

Our range of services includes:

  • Receipt and storage of goods
  • Pick, pack and dispatch of orders
  • Address label creation
  • Invoice creation
  • Barcode addressing
  • Supply of packaging materials including cartons and mailers
  • Assembly and packaging of goods
  • Sample packing in standard or custom mailers
  • Mail-outs for brochures, large letters and parcels
  • Return mail processing service
  • Supply and printing of product mailers and envelopes
  • Storage and inventory management 
  • Australia Post lodgement

Packaging & Assembly

We have been providing complete assembly and packaging services to many of Australia’s leading companies for nearly 50 years. Our packaging & assembly services include:

  • Retail product assembly
  • Hardware supplies
  • Show bags & trade show packing
  • Conference bags and delegate kits
  • Brochure packs and information kits
  • Sample packing and distribution
  • Assembly of marketing and promotional materials
  • Source/ RF tag application
  • Reverse logistics services
  • Delivery to your events

Sample Packing & Distribution

Allowing your customers to sample your new products prior to retail launch is a challenge faced by many companies. Beehive Industries provides a full service from receipt of your sample products to distribution.

We can:

  • Warehouse your sample range
  • Design and supply your sample mail 
  • Assemble and pack your sample products
  • Print your marketing collateral
  • Process and record coupon response forms
  • Print and post competition prizes
  • Integrate with your social media campaigns
  • Lodge your products for distribution by Australia Post
  • Manage your return mail

Our Customers

We are fortunate to have many valued customers from across the business and government sectors. Together, we are making a social impact and achieving great results – for business and for the community.

UNITED WAY: Commercial Printing, Packaging, Assembly & Fulfilment Services

“We are really excited by our partnership with Beehive Industries. It allows us to make an important social impact whilst receiving great service as they assemble packs for thousands of families around Australia” - Marla Bozic, Head of Partnerships, United Way Australia

“As thousands of children anticipate receiving the gift of a book in the mail from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program each month, United Way relies on a dependable partner to ensure an effective fulfilment process.  Beehive is such a partner!”- Leo Krikmann, National Program Manager, United Way Australia

“Our operations team works closely with Beehive Industries every month. We value their attention to detail and ability to adapt their operations to cater for the changing needs of the market. United Way, along with our 100+ partners, depend on Beehive’s high-quality service” - Sandy Jones, Operations Manager, United Way Australia

The synergy between Beehive Industries and United Way Australia was evident early in our partnership in 2019.

We provide United Way with commercial printing, packaging, assembly, and fulfilment services as part of their ongoing work in helping children to learn, read and succeed in life.

United Way programs focus on children transitioning from school to employment, as well as early years literacy development through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library is a free book gifting program that mails high-quality books to registered children from birth until they begin school.

Beehive Industries plays a vital role in this special program by storing the books and printing cover sheets and special inserts, as well as coordinating the monthly mailings of age-appropriate titles to designated groups of children.

Each month, we pack over 7,500 books and manage the distribution of the books to children around Australia, ensuring the correct books are delivered efficiently and promptly every time.

During the 2020 global pandemic, we extended our services to assist United Way with the rapid assembly and delivery of activity care packages to thousands of children in lockdown throughout Australia.

We are delighted to be working with United Way to bring smiles to little faces while helping children prepare for school by inspiring a love of reading.

Our partnership is one whereby each partner genuinely believes in the others core values and together, we are making a real difference in the lives of those in need.

TELSTRA: Kitting, Data Scanning, Checking & Assembly

“We are excited to partner with Beehive Industries. Their operation has been consistent, reliable and of the highest quality output. They have taken the initiative and made it their own by improvising steps in the production process that have provided additional layers of visibility which has resulted in the highest quality for our customers. We are thankful for our partnership with Beehive and proud to support the work they do in beating the isolation faced by Sydney’s seniors and those living with disability.”

- Mahiyar Hira, Senior Operations Specialist, Telstra

Our business partnership with Telstra illustrates a successful supply chain sustainability initiative.

In 2015, Beehive Industries provided a proof of concept and won Telstra’s business on merit, providing a commercially competitive tailored solution to build and pack Telstra’s $2 pre-paid SIM starter kits. 

Since then, we have delivered over and above Telstra’s expectations as they invested in building the capabilities of their people and processes in the relationships with their partners.

The scalability and impact of the Telstra project has seen the doubling of the number of $2 pre-paid SIM starter kits units we produce each week.

Likewise, the number of our support users working on the project has increased with up to 14 people involved in scanning, data verification and quality control, and a further eight individuals responsible for pre-assembly kit work.

The Telstra project has generated income which has helped us to deliver initiatives such as our Digital Inclusion and Low-Cost Meals for Seniors programs. 

In 2017, we were able to take our Low-Cost Meals for Seniors program to a much wider audience with live streaming of the cooking classes via Telstra wireless broadband. This valuable support means we can now connect with disadvantaged Australians across the country. 

Our ongoing business partnership enables Telstra to make a genuine social impact as their work generates revenue that funds an ever-increasing range of meaningful support services for vulnerable individuals.

RACING NSW: Assembling Forensic Testing Kits

“Beehive Industries has been assembling our testing kits for a number of years now and they have always done it with professionalism. They are reliable and our partnership is a win-win for all.”

- Peter V’Landys, Chief Executive, Racing NSW

Beehive Industries has been assembling and packing testing kits for Racing NSW and the ARFL (Australian Racing Forensic Laboratory) since 2004.

These testing kits were then sent to an ARFL laboratory in Randwick where staff scanned each kit and prepared all the orders of satchels to go out to Racing NSW Stewards.

In 2015, we took over all the satchel preparation and dispatch work that had previously been done in-house at ARFL.

This additional work enabled us to extend the health and wellness programs and the social activities we provide for Sydney seniors and those living with disability.

In 2017, we were asked to help in the preparation of 100,000 promotional packs for The Everest – the world’s richest race on turf.

Off the back of this highly successful contract work, Racing NSW turned to us again for help with their 2018 promotional campaign.

The expansion of our business partnership with Racing NSW into annual promotional campaigns helps to provide more stimulating work for our support users, while also deepening the guaranteed level of support services we can offer in our efforts to overcome social isolation.

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