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Normalising safety at Beehive

blog, featured | 28 Feb 2023 |

After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, surviving lockdowns, shutdowns, and QR codes, we are very pleased to see things returning to normal at Beehive. 

Nevertheless, we prioritise safety, and Beehive will always ensure the wellbeing of our service users at all times.  Beehive has updated its WHS and Infection Control policies and will continue to do so, given that COVID-19 remains an ongoing concern.

This is why we continue to encourage mask wearing.  We have staff, service users and guests wear a mask in the premises to keep each other safe.  In addition, we have been able to provide COVID-19 take-home tests and boxes of masks for our service users to use at home.

“I still use it, its fine, really” Says Beehiver Florida “I still use it everywhere, on the bus and in the shops.  I’m already used to it.”

Beehivers ready to start work

Even during hot days, our Beehivers have been diligent with maintaining their safety.  Beehivers have been keeping their masks on and have normalized their use outside of our premises.

As inconvenient as they may sometimes be.  Mask-wearing has been the most effective practice at Beehive.

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