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The power of grants and donations for small NFPs

blog, featured | 27 Jun 2023 |

As the financial year draws to a close, we have been able to reflect on the impact that donations and grants have had on Beehive Industries.

Like many other small charities, Beehive sometimes struggles to obtain sufficient funds to support our services.  While our social enterprise operations, such as packaging books, or sorting mail, help fund the core of our business, Beehive still requires additional sources of sustainable funding. 

We have been incredibly fortunate to receive patronage from many sources, including donations and grants. 

For example, last year we were awarded a generous grant by Slater + Gordon lawyers. This grant permitted Beehive to purchase a new forklift.  The forklift has enabled us not only to continue our social enterprise operations, but also build upon our current capabilities, as we increase our capacity to do procurement work.

It is grants like these that allow us to keep working hard for our business clients.  Most importantly however, they help us to supplement the services that our Beehivers need to have purposeful and fulfilling lives at Beehive. 

Thank you, Slater + Gordon for this grant.  We look forward to exploring new funding opportunities in the coming year. 

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