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Tasting Vietnam and the Philippines at the Global Bistro

blog, featured | 25 Jul 2023 |

Last week we had our second Global Bistro cookout of the year.  This month, Chef Linda Westacott worked with Florida from the Philippines and Thi from Vietnam to make morning tea and lunch.

luda and sofia

We were treated to a Filipino favourite, Banana-Q for morning tea.

Cutting Rosemary

For lunch, we had soy chicken with a rich Vietnamese noodle salad with fresh mint.  And for dessert we were treated to another Filipino treat, Buko (coconut) salad.

Cutting Rosemary 

The Global Bistro participants were thrilled to be able to share the food from their culture.  “I like cooking, it makes me happy” Thi said, feeling satisfied with everyone’s positive reaction to her lunch.  Florida’s sweet treats were also well received, and she hopes to share more Filipino recipes next time.

Cutting Rosemary

It has been a privilege to be able to experience the food history of our Beehivers, we cannot wait for the next Global Bistro in October!

Cutting Rosemary

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