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Beehive Blooms with a visit from SCEGGS!

blog, featured | 21 Nov 2023 |

Beehive Industries has restarted its long-standing friendship with neighbouring school, SCEGGS Darlinghurst.

We were delighted to have some of their art students create floral themed wall art, which they installed in our foyer. We love it! SCEGGS has not finished yet as they are planning more artwork inside and maybe outside as well.

Students arrived at our premises and mounted their individually painted flower pieces on and around our existing mural.  They also got to say a quick hello to our Beehivers and toured our premises.

Throughout November, Beehive will be visited by several cohorts of SCEGGS students, ranging from classes in years 3 and 4, as well as their Music Department’s woodwind ensemble.  They will be crossing the generational divide at Beehive by getting to know our Beehivers and sharing their stories with one another. 

We look forward to sharing more opportunities with SCEGGS students to grow our community in the future.

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