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A big thank you to our wonderful volunteers

blog, featured | 20 Sep 2023 |

Every couple of weeks, Beehive welcomes volunteers to participate in activities alongside our Beehivers.

We were pleased to host 3 volunteers from ING who helped our Chef to prepare the day’s meals in our Beehive Bistro.  They were taught to make jam drops, which were then served at morning tea for everyone at Beehive.

Our Chef happily shared her jam drop recipe with our volunteers and then had them assist in the preparation of the day’s lunch service.  Together, they cooked and served chicken empanadas with a salsa on the side.

Thank you to our ING volunteers, as well as all the other volunteer groups we have hosted throughout the year.  We look forward to seeing more volunteers share their time with us here at Beehive Industries. 

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