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Learning quick and healthy cooking with OzHarvest’s NEST program

blog, featured | 19 Oct 2023 |

Beehive Industries has teamed up with our long-term partner, OzHarvest to host the NEST program, which stands for Nutrition Education and Skills Training for 6 weeks.

Every Tuesday morning, a small class is held where Ingrid, an Associated Nutritionist from OzHarvest teaches our students how to use leftovers and substitute ingredients to cook healthy and affordable meals. 

By making simple budget-friendly and easy food substitutions such as using unsweetened yoghurt instead of sour cream, or lentils instead of beef; you can still cook delicious and healthy tacos that cost less per serving.

We are halfway through the program and our students have enjoyed discovering new things (you can eat the entirety of a zucchini, even the stem!) and learning more about appropriate nutritional habits for health. 

We want to thank OzHarvest for this wonderful opportunity.

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