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Welcome to Beehive’s Global Bistro

blog, featured | 17 May 2023 |

On Tuesday 18 April 2023, Beehive piloted its new community cooking program; the Global Bistro. 

The global bistro project invites 2 of our Beehivers to share recipes from their countries and help in the preparation and serving of the food.  The recipe is featured in the daily menu with a short interview of the Beehiver and their background. 

luda and sofia

In April, we featured the home cooking of Luda and Sofia, who are from Latvia and Ukraine.  Chef Linda Westacott prepared the meals with them, using their guidance and experience to recreate their home cooking. 

Cutting Rosemary

Luda and Sofia enjoyed serving the meals to their colleagues.  Our Beehivers, in particular those of Latvian, Ukrainian and Russian background, stated that the meal reminded them of home.  Our other Beehivers enjoyed the variety of flavor and style. 

Cutting Rosemary

As a result, other Beehivers have volunteered to contribute their recipes for the next Global Bistro lunch, which will be held in July. 

It has been a delight to be able to tap into the diverse culinary and cultural experience of our Beehivers.  We cannot wait to showcase the stories that our Beehivers have yet to share. 

Cutting Rosemary

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