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Beehive goes gourmet for the OzHarvest CEO Cookoff

blog, featured | 14 Jun 2023 |

On Monday 18 May 2023, Beehive Industries was invited to the illustrious Double Bay restaurant; Margaret, for the annual OzHarvest CEO Cookoff. 

Our Beehivers were treated to a special menu, created by celebrity chef Neil Perry; including a scrumptious lamb and date tagine with cous cous, topped off with a ricotta and pear tart for dessert. 

It was a delight to share this experience and our stories with OzHarvest CEO, Ronni Kahn.  Beehive Industries receives over 800kg of food donations a month.  These donations are used to prepare our daily in-house meals.  We are also able use this food to provide our Beehivers with a weekly grocery package to supplement their food supplies at home.

As always, we thank OzHarvest for their continued support and the wonderful experience of attending lunch at Margaret in Double Bay.

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