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Home Blog Celebrating Indian food at our last Global Bistro of 2023

Celebrating Indian food at our last Global Bistro of 2023

blog, featured | 13 Dec 2023 |

This week, we were treated to a Global bistro meal prepared by our Indian Beehivers, Mina and Pravina.

For morning tea, our Beehivers enjoyed traditional oat biscuits which were great for drinking with their morning tea.

Mina and Pravina then prepared a rich chicken curry, as well as a vegetarian curry, to be served with rice and roti.  The Beehivers were quite excited to have a taste of today’s lunch, and the curry dishes were a hit!

The meal was finished off with a semolina halwa for dessert.

Beehive Industries has enjoyed showcasing our Beehiver’s recipes from all over the world.  We have been able to do so thanks to a City of Sydney grant, which allowed us to access additional resources to help us prepare culturally appropriate meals for everyone.

We look forward to continuing to expand our repertoire of dishes from around the world next year!

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