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A big thanks to Orix for our donated bus!

blog, featured | 11 Apr 2023 |

March has begun with a bang at Beehive, where we celebrate the donation of our new shuttle bus.  Our generous partners at Orix have kindly donated a 12 seater shuttle-bus, complete with our joint Beehive branding. 

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Previously, Beehive only ran a shuttle service on selected days.  However, this new donation will helps us to expand our transport services to a daily basis.

On Monday, 6 of March, our Beehivers got to have a ‘tour and a mosey’ of their new shuttle bus.  Orix representatives, including Luke Iacono, Kerry Ryan, Lorin Heah, and CEO and Managing Director Reggie Cabal were greeted by our Beehivers and staff during the shuttle bus handover.

You can watch Orix delivering the bus to Beehive Industries by clicking here

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We are very grateful for the kindness and generosity that Orix has extended to our community.  This donation will help us to continue supporting Sydney’s most vulnerable seniors and combat social isolation. 

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