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Beehive Bistro – Featuring East Asian Cuisine

blog, featured | 4 Oct 2023 |

In our third Global Bistro event, we invited two of our east Asian Beehivers, Xiu Ling and Lee to contribute a recipe from their home country.

Lee shared his recipe for vegetarian steamed buns for morning tea.  Lee is originally from Vietnam, but his recipe comes from both Vietnam and China.

Xiu Ling helped to prepare stir fried chicken with vegetables and rice, with a delicious Chinese custard tart for dessert.

Xiu Ling enjoyed sharing her meal.  Her own mother used to prepare it all the time back home in China. 

Lee’s recipe is very important to him as his recipe is very delicious and healthy.

As always, our Beehivers were delighted by the food, especially the vegetable buns which were a novelty for morning tea.  They especially enjoyed lunch, saying that the sauce used in the stir-fried chicken was delicious. 

Thank you to Xiu Ling and Lee for sharing their stories and their food!

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