Our community partnership with Telstra assist us with a great Supply Chain Sustainability initiative.
This allows Telstra to give back to the community while helping us to provide much needed work activity for the seniors and persons with disability that we support as well as generate much needed revenue to enable Beehive Industries to expand our programs even further.
Beehive won Telstra’s business on merit, providing a commercially competitive tailored solution to build and pack Telstra’s $2 pre-paid SIM starter kits. Beehive was able to provide a proof of concept and has ultimately delivered over and above Telstra’s expectations as they invested in building the capabilities of their people and processes in the relationships with their partners.
Over the last year, the scalability and impact of the Telstra project has seen the doubling of the number of $2 pre-paid SIM starter kits units Beehive has produced each week.
Accordingly, the Beehive crew has increased to approximately 22 Beehivers who regularly work on Telstra, with up to 14 involved in scanning, data verification and quality control, and a further 8 in pre-assembly kitting work stages.
Having the additional Telstra work has created more work activity, training opportunities and has helped Beehive fund support for more persons with disability, seniors and long term unemployed, including contributing to the running of its Low Cost Meals for seniors and Digital Inclusion programs.
Beehive Industries believes that everyone has something valuable to offer, and Telstra is proud to support them in their endeavours. The enterprise exists to create a productive connection between the world of business and the community. Beehive continues to support disadvantaged Sydney seniors and those living with disability to ensure they are connecting with others. It is launching its newest initiative, ‘Beehive Connect’, with a vision to bring seniors, persons with disability, young people and people who suffer isolation together to connect, online. Beehive is now also able to take its Low Cost Meals for Seniors program to a much wider audience with Live Streaming of the cooking classes via Telstra wireless broadband commencing in early 2017.
Expanded support from companies like Telstra means more disadvantaged Australians can benefit from the Beehive vision, even connecting digitally across the country or even internationally.


“Beehive won the business on their own merits because they provided a competitive solution with a very high quality of work.

Michael Sumner, General Manager, Media & Marketing Procurement – Telstra

“For Telstra, we are excited to partner with Beehive. Their operation has been consistent, reliable and of the highest quality output. They have taken the initiative and made it their own by improvising steps in the production process that have provided additional layers of visibility which has resulted in the highest quality for our customers. We are thankful for our partnership with Beehive and proud to support the work they do in beating the isolation faced by Sydney’s seniors and those living with disability.

Mahiyar Hira, Senior Operations Specialist – Telstra

“We are proud to call Beehive one of our suppliers and look forward to a successful, prosperous and growing relationship with them over the next few years.

Michael Sumner, General Manager, Media & Marketing Procurement – Telstra

“The volumes/quantities of operation doubled since Beehive rst came on-board. This was due to their ef ciency and robust processes.”

Anthony Di Rico, Senior Specialist, SIM cards, Operations – Telstra


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