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Getting back on to work – and online

blog, featured | 1 Sep 2022 |

Since re-opening to our service users last November, our Beehivers have been enjoying their time back in our social centre and factory. 

As the days begin to get warmer and cardigans and coats are finally being put away, we have been ‘buzzing’ with activity and opportunity.  Our Beehive bistro has also returned to serving hot, healthy meals for breakfast, morning tea and lunch in between work sessions and games of Bingo. 

Beehivers learning english

Our Beehivers have resumed ESL classes at our digital learning hub.  English classes are held once a week via Zoom along with basic digital literacy sessions to help our students to interact with their teacher online. 

Beehive works with the NDIS and DSOA to help fund continuing life skills education for our Beehivers of all walks of life and ages.  Our Beehivers prove that you are never too old to learn new skills, with some of our oldest students being 90 years old!

Despite the appearance of returning back to normalcy, our Beehivers will still need to use their phones and computers to engage with their communities.  Video conferencing has been a huge assistance to our senior and disabled service users during the past two years.  Beehive will continue to ensure that our Beehivers develop the appropriate digital literacy skills required to maneuver our new post-lockdown world. 

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