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Outings to Beaches & Gardens

The Beehive regularly runs outings to various places across the greater Sydney area, visiting beaches, parks and gardens with great company. Enjoy sunny days outside and visit breathtaking scenery. Some of the places we've been to recently include:

  • Palm Beach

  • Kiama

  • Watson's Bay

  • Auburn Botanic Gardens

  • Blue Mountains - Leura Flower Gardens

  • Wollongong  National Park, Science Centre & Planetarium


Beehive hosts fancy events approximately once a month, where our Beehivers are invited to perform on-stage for prizes and trophies. Beehivers are welcome to come in fancy dress based around the event celebrated and enjoy a hot roast for lunch. Several games of Bingo! are run on the day, overall creating a lively day for everyone.

Some of the events we celebrate include:

  • Mother's, Father's and Grandparent's Days

  • Christmas in July

  • Melbourne Cup Day


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